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Face masks should not only protect – what to consider?

For an employer, safety in the workplace takes top priority. However, dealing with hazardous substances can present a host of unique challenges, including the requirement for a specific set of PPE. Striking the right balance between comfort and filter quality is essential for employee health and safety, especially in labour-intensive jobs. 

MFA is renowned for certified, effective products that take these challenges into account. Shipping PPE throughout the EU, they aid employees in hazardous working environments across a wide range of occupations. Their FFP respirators are used in hospitals, protecting against airborne viruses and bacteria, but they can also be found in foundries, construction sites, chemical processing plants and many more. But, every hazard is different, so MFA provides a range of respirators to suit every task. Medisupply are proud to be the exclusive representatives for the MFA brand in Switzerland. 

MFA holds its products to the highest quality standard, and each FFP respirator is certified, so consumers can have unwavering confidence in their PPE when in hazardous environments. The notified body of MFA masks is BSI, who are renowned for their certifications of quality products. By reviewing both design and manufacturing processes, BSI has certified the FFP respirator line under the EU PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 as well as the dolomite dust test. This test checks for breathing quality after prolonged exposure to fine, dolomite dust, guaranteeing unhindered breathing during long 8-hour work shifts. 

The goal of FFP respirators, especially in the workplace, is not only to ensure effective filtration of toxic particles from entering the lungs. Many forget that respirators can be both physically and mentally taxing for employees. Strong odours, irritating materials, and badly fitted nose pieces can cause extreme discomfort over long periods of time. Deeming already uncomfortable equipment unwearable (therefore ineffective) during 8-hour shifts. by hindering work performance and damaging employee morale, inadequate PPE can be detrimental to both employee and employer in the long term. 

MFA takes this knowledge and produces a line of respirators that are not only highly efficient at filtering, but feel exceptionally comfortable. They are both odourless and soft on sensitive skin, and come with latex free elastic bands. These are respirators that employees won’t dread to put on each day, and won’t take every opportunity to remove. Suitable for up to 8-hour work shifts, they can be worn for long periods of time, promoting work efficiency and boosting morale. While the high quality, certified filters keep its wearer protected and healthy.