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Great price differences for FFP2 masks

FFP2 masks are becoming increasingly popular among the Swiss. Retailers have long understood this and are offering them in many shops. When it comes to prices, however, the differences are still huge. 

Her name is cryptic, she looks like a white beak: In Austria and parts of Germany, the FFP2 mask is mandatory when shopping or in public transport. In Switzerland it is not yet part of the standard equipment. But more and more are exchanging the disposable mask for an FFP2 mask in this country too. 

Retailers even report a boom in face filter masks, for which the English abbreviation FFP (“Filtering Face Piece”) stands. Discounters have also added them to their range. 

Compared to the conventional blue surgical masks, the prices of FFP2 masks are still steep. The price of conventional hygiene masks has leveled off at around 20 cents per mask. 

It is a matter close to our hearts to reduce costs in the long term despite the great demand and thus to ensure the necessary security. Renowned Swiss companies have already included our masks in their range, which speaks for the quality of the product. Let the quality convince you and contact us for a non-binding offer. It is worth it!